Big Offset Crag

The Big offset is a small but very high quality bouldering crag in the Poconos near Bangor and Rosetto.  The cliff is visible from 191 in Bangor/Rosetto and looks like a large cliff on the ridge.  The actual height of this crag is about 40 feet at the high point.  So it basically offers highball bouldering on super high quality conglomerate like the nearby Gunks.  There are about a half dozen topropeable lines here that are quite short.  There is a 5.9 a 5.10 and a 5.12ish route on the highest escarpment at a short roof.  The 30 foot high pinnacle is the main attraction here.  This gorgeous rock pinnacle makes for great highballing that leads to a knife edge topout.  There are about 30 established boulder problems and traverses on the small boulders and cliff below.

This area is named for the geologic feature, the Big Offset, that makes the prominent sub -ridge of the Appalachian Trail.  Basically I didn’t have a better name for it and this is what it’s called on a map.  Parking for this spot is a bit of a challenge, the area is public but you have to park off the side of 191, where you risk getting ticketed,  and essentially bushwack until reaching a road that leads to the cliff.  It is possible to park discreetly off 191, just below the rock and bushwachk up.

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