Boxcar Rocks

Boxcar Rocks Overview

Boxcar Rocks, also called the Chinese Wall, is a fantastic sport and trad climbing area.  This spot is wort a visit for any Central PA or NEPA climber.  There are over a dozen quality sport lines here on this 80- foot -high cliff that resembles a stone train resting in the forest above Tower City.  This is a great area to climb some interesting sport leads that will leave you standing on a giant rock spine that is 80 feet high and as wide a s dining-room table.

This area is fully included with topos and routes in the PA Guidebook

Boxcar is a little like Maple Canyon in that there are huge baseball and pebble sized cobbles all over the rock here.  This facet makes this area one of the most interesting climbing spots in PA.  The bouldering here is limited to vertical problems but there are problems to V8 here.

Note that there are several areas near this area including the extended wall on the other side of Goldmine Road.  There is also an undeveloped quarry that has amazing potential for some good quality sport leads.

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