Chickies Rock

Chickies Rock is an old, popular, trad climbing area in Central Pennsylvania near Columbia.  This area has long been a well-known spot to rock climb.  Chickies is located in a county park that accepts, recognizes, and allows climbers.  There are at least 40 good climbs here with grades ranging from 5.2 to 5.13  if you include a hard roof line hidden above the main walls.  The area has over 100 feet of quality rock.  The train below adds a special character to your climbing experience as does the beautiful sunsets along the Susquehanna River below.

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Weekends at Chickies can draw crowds so be prepared for this.  Access to this area only takes a few minutes to walk in but on busy days parking at the lower lot is cumbersome.   Some good bouldering can be found in the cave here as well as the small boulders above the cliff and on the way back to the  upper lot also.    There is an excellent, steep wall in the town of Columbia hidden in a drainage that has some impressive climbing as well as some good stuff on the other side of the river but most is off limits across the river.

Chickies Rock Park

Weird Chickies Story

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