Dauphin Narrows

See the Rock

If you drag the little yellow dude in the upper left of the Google map on to the road you can look up and explore the cliff through our interactive map!

Dauphin Narrows Climbing Overview

Rock climbing at the Dauphin Narrows is an interesting experience and is not for the non-adventurous type.  If you like to have quick access to the cliff and clean manicured routes this is not your place to climb.  If you like to wander up steep talus and seek out routes that have only been done one to ten times ever, this is a great spot.  Dauphin is adventure climbing at it’s best–well, best for PA anyway.  This area is above the Susquehanna and offers some for the best views a cliff can offer in central Pennsylvania.

Type of Climbs

All trad with occasional bolts on a few routes.   There is limited–by limited I mean less than 10–boulder problems.  Ice climbing can be found near here and on parts of the cliff…sometimes.  Bring all size gear but medium and larger sizes help.  There is a lot of loose rock but many areas have very good quality too.  If you want a topo let us know.  There are over 75 established routes here.

Fun Fact
The large pillar in the center of the river has been soloed and jumped off as a water landing.


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