Donation Climbing Area

The Donation climbing area is near State College and Hunter Rocks.  This area is now owned by Stone Mountain Adventures.

Important:  You MUST sign a wavier prior to climbing here.  Climbing is allowed but it is important to signing the wavier prior to climbing or visiting here.  The wavier can be obtained by visiting  After signing the wavier you can visit this area.  Please do not jeapordize access to this great climbing resource in Central PA.

The Donation rock climbing crag is an area in Pennsylvania with a rich history and was a popular destination for climbers and PSU outdoor groups for many decades.  Thankfully the area is now open to climbing once again and climbers can enjoy this awesome natural resource.  Several other smaller sister crags  are located near here like Stonation  and some fun free-standing pinnacles.  This part of PA has a lot of sandstone and lots of hidden gems for those willing to explore a little.

For more info on Stone Mountian Adventures Visit:


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