The area gets its name from being on Jamison Hill Road not because I drank a ton of Jamison the night after sending problems here.  This bouldering area is one of the lesser-known bouldering areas and let’s be honest, if you have been here it’s not exactly that great.  With a bit of cleaning, a little TLC, and a good imagination this area could be slightly popular if you live in NEPA  and want some nice sandstone bouldering and are sick of conglomerate.  This area is similar to Rock Run thats not too far away and reminds me of Rock Run before anyone knew about it.  If someone were to put the time into cleaning here like at Rock Run I think this could be a viable option for the Northern PA climber that is sick of hunting for good bouldering.

You can also visit nearby Rickets Glen that has some limited bouldering and a great roof crack a few miles to the east.   This area is cold and undesirable in winter but summer is sometimes cool and pleasant.

The boulders are located above and below Jamison Hill road near Rickets Glen State Park.  You can see a great deal of the rock from the road but a lot is hiding above and in the woods too.  I climbed a few dozen or so problems and cleaned even less in the late 90s here.  Im pretty sure there is a boat load of FAs to be had here to this day.  This is one of Pennsylvania’s adventure bouldering spots so have at it and let us know if you find anything worthwhile here.