Notch Boulders: Bouldering in Wilkes-Barre

A few minutes drive from Wilkes Bare are some nice conglomerate boulders that you can spend an hour or so on.  There are some problems that are super easy  and a few in the V4 and up category.  This is one of several areas in the Wilkes Barre area but it’s probably the easiest to access as it ‘s right off Rt 115.  Nearby Tubbs natural area has much more rock and some small cliffs.  The boulders at the Tubbs are larger and there are more problems and boulders.  You can hit both spots in an afternoon. If you walk back from the Tubbs, heading toward the notch in the mountain near I-81 in the direction of the Wilkes Barre mall, you will come across some excellent boulders as well.

Finding the Rock

The boulders are clearly marked in the map above but for the main Notch Boulders I would park discretely near the gas station or in the business development behind and hike to the boulder that is visible from Rt 115.  It is perched just above the road on the hill.  You have to look hard for it in summer but it is there.  The Tubbs ravine Boulder is a bit harder to find but is basically just below 115 and takes a bit of wandering but has a really nice steep landing with a great V5 and a V4 on it.

Get the Guidebook

You can currently get a free guidebook app to an area similar to the Notch Boulders from Next Ascent. The Traxx app comes with the iPhone and Android version and is located just up the interstate near Montage Mountain. You also might want to purchase the Montdale App if you climb in NEPA.

The Montdale Guidebook App is one of the nearby areas to Wilkes Barre that offers awesome bouldering and roped climbing.  montdale-guidebookThere are some great boulder problems at Montdale. Other Scranton crags have some awesome possibilities as well.

The guidebook offers full route descriptions, GPS, maps, history, first ascent information, grades, and everything you need to visit this unique and secluded climbing and bouldering area right in the Scranton metro.

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