Table Rock Boulder

The Table Rock boulder is a small overhang/cave with a few–by a few I mean about 6–boulder problems on it.  This area is located in the Delaware Water Gap and is close to the Delaware Water Gap hiking trails and the town.  Located in the town is the Water gap Visitors Bureau and some hiking and guiding services as well. To get to this boulder simply park at the AT lot in town that is just up from the outdoor store.  Basically turn up the road off Main Street and park at the main AT lot on the side street  Lake Road.  Hike the trail about 10 minutes and you are there.

The Table Rock is you see what you get.  There are some other good boulders way up the Appalachian Trail but I don’t recommend hiking to the m ans they are really small.  There is one close boulder worth mentioning.  Off of RT 611 heading towards the Gap cliff there is a large boulder with a piton in it and some great highballs all around it.  It is located right off of the road heading towards the Delaware River.  Keith Uhl who put up Morning Wall and many other great climbs at the DWG first climbed this boulder.  In the winter it is visible from I-80 on the other side.  It’s right near the ice climb that forms on this side off the road and right near the pull off.

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