Tamaqua Rock Climbing

There are several places to climb in Tamaqua PA.  There are several old quarries with good quality rock.  Some are solid, others a bit loose.  The main area here is an old quarry right at the south end of town.   This is a conglomerate area with some high spires coming off the main cliff.  A lot of graffiti has been added tot the cliff in more recent years but there is some good bouldering o and near the cliff and good, short routes on the cliff nearest tot he road.

Tamaqua Climbing Areas Locations

The main area is located in the notch at the south end of town on the east side of RT.  You can see this rock right behind the buildings off the road and it is also visible from Burger King at the end of town.  The quarries are harder to find.  If you hike east along the north side of the ridge behind the cliff you will come to the next rock outcrop/quarry.  it is 30 feet high and easy to miss.  It is essentially in a pit in the woods.    You can hike a long ways down the ridge to find other rock.  It involves a bit of exploration though.

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