The Theatre Crag: Mocanaqua

The theater is a very small, clean, conglomerate rock cliff that looks like a 70 foot tall movie screen.  Ironically it is located above an old drive-in movie theater.    This spot is located right near Tilbury but is on the opposing hillside and involves driving to the top of the mountain then hiking at least 35 minutes in.  This is a small  climbing area with only a few routes.  All are trad.  The hike and view of the region below makes for a nice hike or to check out a new spot if you live nearby and have visited most of the climbing areas in the Mocanaqua region.  I climbed here a bit in the early 90s and haven’t been back since.  My guess is not many climbers have been there since either because this is a very small crag that is totally off the radar. If you are a NEPA rock climber it is an interesting geologic feature and has some rock nearby that is worth checking out too.

Finding the Crag

If the map provided here does not lead you exactly to the rock it is visible from Rt 11 below and just outside Tilbury one mile south.  The area looks like a big stone block sitting on the ridge.  This and our map should be enough to lead you to the ridge but it is a bit overgrown around the rock so you may come to a subcliff vista instead that has poor quality and little rock.  If you do keep walking the ridge and you will come to this 70 foot wall.

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