Tilbury Rocks


One of the finer climbing areas in the Moconaqua region of NEPA. Rock climbing at Tilbury is a great experience. This is one of the best quality climbing areas in Pennsylvania. The area has great sport, trad, and bolt/trad mixed lines. The rock here is conglomerate similar to the Gunk’s. You can climb here year round but spring, summer and fall are the best times.
Rock climbing grades at Tilbury range from 5.4 to 5.13a. The area has a broad range and something for every level climber. There are also some great boulder problems in the psuedo cave here. Problems range from V0- to V9 if you figure eliminates in.
One of the best roof routes in Pennsylvania is here. The St Louis roof is an amazing several body length roof that goes at 5.9+ or 5.10a depending on who you ask.


A lot of climbers have visited here over the years.  Early development started with Jeff Clovitz, Al Pusineschi, George Peterson, and Bob D’ Antonio.  Al Pisaneschi was a very active developer of a great deal of the climbs here.  Many other climbers visited here from  all over PA as well as some strong climbers from central PA like Eric Horst, Hugh Herr and others.  In later years Nick Morell, tom Kneiss, and Rob Holzman added some climbs to this area as well as a bit of bouldering.  Mike Pezzuto was active putting in the classic variation of the Claw a nice V7 here.

Access Issues

Please do not park where you are blocking anyone in, anybody’s driveway, or on the road.  As of 2012 they have blocked the small pull off on the road so you need to drive down near 11 and walk up.  This area is on public lands but there is no designated or great spot to park anymore.

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