Wind Gap Boulders

Wind Gap Boulders Overview

Some very small and very few boulders lie near the Appalachian Trail just north of Wind Gap and the Wind Gap Climbing Gym (North Summit Climbing Gym).  These boulders are very small and offer very little climbing.  They are pretty easy to get to but I would only recommend visiting here if you are hiking the AT and want to send a few easy problems.  The map above lists the approximate location of about four boulders but there are more much farther down the ridge heading towards the Delaware Water Gap.

The problems here range from VO- to maybe V4, I honestly can’t remember but seem to recall a V4ish eliminate or some desperate attempt to find something worthwhile.  It should take no longer than 15 minutes to hike to the rock, if it takes longer, turn back, it’s not worth any more trouble.

The rock is conglomerate here like the Water Gap.  A lot is loose and a bit dirty but for the most part it’s clean.  The height is pretty low and offers one to two body lengths of moves.  One boulder is about 10 feet high.


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  1. RobH

    often bad in Winter by the way.

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